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Shade of White In Home Decor

by Deb Schrodt February 17, 2016 0 Comments

Shades of White

 Bringing shades of white into your home decorating theme with the help of a few simple idea's here from the Pink Pig


A Collection of Cottage Painted White Furniture with a French Theme

White Parrot Vase with texture.... we love it

                                                              Pewter Heart Tray In White


Portal Mirror Whitewash

                                                                                                                  White Gate Leg Table


                                                                     Simple White Bathroom



Sienna Headboard - Urban Outfitters
Simple ways to give white a chance in your home decorating scheme. So fill up those dark spaces with some pretty white!   Visit our shop in Essex, NY or online for more ideas

Best to you!

Deb Schrodt
Deb Schrodt