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A Touch of Treasures With Farmhouse Decorating

Posted by deb schrodt on

The tiny pieces matter and when it comes to  farmhouse decorating, simplicity is key. This is excellent news for more than one reason, but one of the best is definitely that this vintage style can be done without breaking the bank. You need a very minimal budget to completely recreate your home and give it a blast to the past with some traditional farmhouse decor. Here are some ways to incorporate small touches of tradition of farmhouse interior that will blend your modern day elements all together. Whether you prefer a classic, chic appearance or rustic, vintage style, these simple details are vital to making the farmhouse decor prominent throughout your living space.

The Heart of History    

The best way to achieve that traditional  farmhouse decor style is to bring it back to the past. Traditional farmhouses were relaxed, and often incorporated homemade or hand-me-down pieces that not only bring style, but that also offer something special passed down through the generations. Give a look through your parents or grandparents attic, or purchase vintage style frames to hold your old photos. Embrace the historical look by turning your colored digital photos into black and white memories. You may even want to get rid of that electronic photo frame. Some things should just be kept classic and frames are an easy accent to switch up the look. 

Mix and Match Accent Themes

Farmhouse decor offers a mix and match of all kinds of things; whether it's heirloom pieces, new and old accents, and even touched-up furniture. In order to fully achieve the traditional look, you need a bit of everything; a bit of modern accents, historical touches, contemporary pieces and weathered furnishings. Keep some of your future weekends for yourself to explore local  vintage shops or garage sales, or call around to some family members to see if there is any history that can be sent down your generation. Your grandma will be ecstatic to hear that you will actually use something that doesn't come from the 21st century.         

Bathing with Basics While a claw-foot tub would be amazing in your bathroom, it isn't always within the budget, but vintage style soap bars and accents certainly are. You can use rustic hang hooks to hold the towels, place a vintage brush set on  your vanity or even a vintage toothbrush set on the countertop. A wooden chair in the corner was a common accent in farmhouse decor as well, so if you have the space in your bathroom, this is an versatile way to use up that space that would probably just end up being a place for towered up dirty clothes.

Embracing the Lifestyle

There are many ways that you can bring in the farmhouse vintage style other than with decor. It also allows you to give yourself a little something extra for yourself. Vintage style necklaces and jewelry pieces are always excellent, not only for your wardrobe but also as accents that you can display on the corner of your bedroom bureau, or a hand-me-down sweater that you can hang off the corner of a chair when you're not cozying up in it for a relaxing night on the couch. Fashion scarves can serve the same purpose, as can your totes and coin purses. It's amazing what a bit of creativity can do.

There is no need to break the bank or even have a large budget to redecorate your home to achieve that farmhouse decor and vintage style. These little touches of treasures and accents will do more than thoroughly satisfy the theme. 

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